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November 7, 2023 Special Recall Election Ballot Question (see Events)

Shall Todd Cohen be recalled from the office of Councilmember Ward 5?


The Recall Petition was Deemed Sufficient on June 5, 2023 with 1,200+ Ward 5 Registered Voters Signing Requiring the City to Set the Recall Election on November 7, 2023

"No sufficient evidence or testimony of failure on the part of the petition representative, the circulator affidavit, the circulator affidavit. the petition circulators or any other subject was presented during this administrative hearing.

Therefore, it is determined that the petition to recall Council Member Heidi Henkel cannot move forward to a special recall election due to timing issues and the petition to recall Todd Cohen is sufficient and that the City Council of the City of Broomfield, Colorado is instructed to set a date for an election on these recalls.

/s/ Karen Goldman, Administrative Hearing Officer
City of Broomfield, Colorado
June 5, 2023

Recall ("Recall") Grounds for Broomfield Ward 5 Councilmembers Todd Cohen (and Heidi Henkel)

Todd Cohen and Heidi Henkel have ignored constituents, acted counter to their interests, supported measures that negatively affect citizens' health and safety, ignored factual information when addressing issues, approved measures that benefit themselves, and acted unbecoming of a councilmember.


In 2021, Cohen and Henkel pushed the creation of tax-payer funded homeless encampments similar to those that he supported in his prior private-sector capacity. One of the sites identified by staff, at Council's request, was on 144th Avenue in open space ~2,000 feet from a high school and at a 6-month startup cost of ~$500,000, despite homeless camps being known for heavy drug use.


In 2022, Cohen and Henkel failed to inform constituents and support their pleas to reasonably locate numerous industrialized water tanks in a manner that prevents neighborhood devaluation and protects Broomfield's open space and wildlife.


Throughout 2022 and into 2023, Cohen and Henkel failed to address mental health issues wherein ~90% of prior years' gun deaths in Broomfield were suicides, instead approving unconstitutional ordinances expected to cost the City at least $250,000 to defend, which are ineffective, and which will most likely be unenforceable.


In 2023, Cohen and Henkel approved ~$98,000 in self-serving health-care plans for councilmembers. Increased spending on numerous programs has now necessitated an increase in taxes.

Ward 5 North


Ward 5 South

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